Indianhead Enterprises, Inc.


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About Us

Indianhead Enterprises, Inc. is a not-for-profit agency providing services to those of our community with the greatest needs. Our purpose is to ensure each member of our community has the opportunity to be employed using their strengths, talents and interests, working at their fullest potential. Through employment, each individual contributes to their community and thus actively participates in society.

Our mission is dual as we provide work training to persons with various disabilities, while creating positive employment futures for persons who experience other barriers to employment, such as lack of experience, inadequate skills, unemployment, etc.

Our goal is to offer each person education and training opportunities in an environment as culturally normative as possible, so they can become participating members of the community. Before this is possible, each person must develop certain life skills. Each person is encouraged through individual and group experiences to achieve their highest potential. As they progress in their development, the most appropriate and least restrictive program is provided.

Donut Sam's is a program of Indianhead Enterprises, Inc.