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About Us

Erbert & Gerbert's started with a story.

A series of bedtime stories, actually, that were told by a father to his 10 children as the Adventures of Erbert & Gerbert Herbert. He created these stories to teach his children about science, history, adventure and being a good friend.

One of those children grew up to become our founder. In tribute to his father, his family and those stories, he named his sandwich shop Erbert & Gerbert’s, and then created all of the sandwiches on the menu to honor the characters in the stories.

The first location opened in 1988 in the fine, fine town of Eau Claire, WI, and has since grown to over 100 locations across 12 states. Every Erbert & Gerbert’s is a sandwich shop dedicated to serving better, more flavorful sandwiches than anyone else in the universe.


Catering, Drive-Thru, Delivery - We do it all!
Even Santa loves our sandwiches!
SUBPRISE! Free subs to the USPS!
SUBPRISE! Free subs to the Milestones Early Educational Community!
SUBPRISE! Free subs to the La Crosse Police Department!
SUBPRISE! Free subs to the team at Menomonie High School!